Warning: Babies and Husbands Can Make Your Ovaries Explode.

Holy crap.

The computer store I took  my precious Mac to took their sweet ass time updating the operating system and the RAM.

It’s been 2 weeks and a lot has happened.

Hubs and I went to Houston to visit old friends.

We saw both former roomies, Bossman Nate, and some friends from when we first moved to Houston.

It was a blast.

Unfortunately, I was so distracted by the steaming 60 degree weather that I only took one outfit pic.

The Deets:

Blazer:  Target

Top:  J Crew

 Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Bag:  Coach Outlet

Necklace: Village Scandal NYC

Some of our friends have a newish baby.

Husband was attached to this child.


ovaries exploding photo: exploding ovaries tumblr_ln0vy9035X1qaxrev.gif

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