We Are Not 23 Anymore

We have this friend.

We call him brown bear.

And every time we hang out with him, shit gets crazy.

He threw a BBQ on Saturday.

It was epic.

This is what I wore:


The Deets:
Top: H&M
Skirt: Purchased at Flying Worm in Omaha
Shoes: Target
Necklace:  Thrifted, Paperdoll Vintage in Omaha
Sunnies: Husbands
This attempt is about 10000% better than the last time I wore this printed skirt.
But back to the night at hand.
I can’t tell you the whole story (honestly, I physically can’t remember)
But I’ll tell you the hilarious highlights:
We drank too much before we ate.
Cigars were had by certain people.
Then it got weird.
Husband did a keg stand.
I did 2.
In a skirt. (thank god for my catholic school upbringing that forces me to wear shorts under most skirts)
I beat Husband.
We got separated while walking to the train to the city.
Then Hubs and I got separated from each other.
I ended up stranded in NJ because the machines were down and wouldn’t take a charge card.
Jumped my first turn-style.
FINALLY met back up with everyone in the city.
We were so tired we took a cab home.
Husband left his phone in the cab
I received a 4am text from a super nice person who found his phone.
I’m still exhausted.
Nights like these remind us that we are getting older.
But keg stands will always be awesome.
Especially when I win.


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