Creep Around My House: Girly Guest Room

AKA Roommate #2s former bedroom. (sad panda)

And, yes, it was girly when he was living here.

He’s a good sport.

So, now that I’m 100% roommate-less, I can show you our guest rooms.  (Roommate #1s former bedroom is on the list for paint and rearranging)

view from the door

This bed is so scrumtrulescent its redonk.  It has a feather bed topper which isn’t on our bed because Husband says that the feathers “poke” him.


View from the teeny tiny closet

The painting is by my aunt Heidi (hi auntie!) and was the inspiration for the colors in this room.

Pink desk (you can’t really tell but its super-de-duper light pink)

Paintings above the desk.  Do you see the little rolly polly olly Boston puppy in the painting on the left?

It’s the reason I bought these.  Cuz of that little squinch pup.

Drawing done my by little sister (when she was like 8), a pic of me and Husband and A pink glass hankerchief holder that I got from my bridal shower.  I opened it and was like “ohhh a vase!” and then I was corrected by my MIL… cuz I don’t own any hankerchiefs and how would I know what a hankerchief holder looks like…

Picture of me and my momma! I have no idea where any of this other stuff came from but its all girly so it all fits in here.

Humming bird prints on the far wall.  I bought these at Hobby Lobby.  I think the frames are totally fug. I thought about painting them white but the mats are white and that might be white overload.  suggestions?
Here’s the Rundown:
Bed: Ikea
Bedding: Ikea
Curtains: came with the house
Desk: $5 at a garage sale painted “milk glass pink” by martha stewart when her paint was at lowes
Side tables: Target (bought these in college and they are waaaaay too short for this bed)
Paint: Laura Ashley Pumpkin #1 (which is like a light yellowy pink)

Next on the project list is Roommate #1s former room.  I’m thinking reds and tans with a little pop of yellow.

Not McDonalds red and yellow.

Like farm/barn red and yellow.

Its gonna be the bomb.

you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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