Creep Around My House: Our Master Suite

You guys, I’m exhausted.

spent. to the max.

But because I took pics for our listing (coming soon!) I thought I’d show your our master, finally.

Let me preface this by saying our master has never ever looked this way. We don’t live this way.  We actually haven’t slept in our master since we got back from NYC.  We’re trying to get used to a queen size bed.  Its not going well. thanks for asking.

So our master is in a perpetual state of “staged” so its looking pretty flawless.

I just want you to know that I could have totally lied and you would have been so impressed by my housekeeping skills.  But I didn’t. Cuz we’re friends.  and friends don’t lie about their housekeeping abilities.

First the before…. with an interesting, baby food squash wall color.
And the Afters:
 View from the bathroom door.  Deck is to the left, door to the hallway is to the right.
 View from the bed.  See that giant blue armoire? I love it dearly.  Unfortunately, its too massive for NYC.  I will cry and grip it with white knuckles when we leave….
And now the Bathroom Before:
Another really interesting color.
 Our master bath.  I will miss this.  dearly.  I will have to share a sink with my husband in the near future.  And that will be harder than adjusting to a queen size bed.
 Our tub and my vintage stool.  This tub is wonderful but that window looks out onto the golf course so its all about being careful.  And shutting the blinds.

View from the little potty room.  See that lil cabinet on the wall.  Its awesome!  I keep all my lotions, and perfumes and nail polishes in there.  Its soooo nice. We framed out the big builder mirror like we did in the boys bathroom.  But I had to paint this trim.  Which was not fun.  (also thats baby Sheldon… he’s 50lbs now.  big baby)

The Deets:

Paint in Bedroom: Seaside Jetty by Martha Stewart (when Martha had her paint at Lowes)
Paint in Bathroom: I have no idea.  I lost the can and I had to tear a piece of wall off to match the paint for when we put up the lights.
Sleigh Bed: $200 Craigslist… be jealous
Duvet Cover: Ikea
Nightstands: The Company Store
Lamps: Delias (of all places)
Birdcage: My aunt Kathy (who has a super cool new antique store called Nutcracker Sweet in Paola KS!!)
Prints above the bed: Portobello Market in Notting Hill London
Print above the birdcage: antique in San Clemente, CA
Curtains: Ikea
Bathroom Lighting: Lowes ($50 a pop….cheapy McCheaperson)

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