House Stalking: Edney's Lake House

My Mother in Law’s Friend Deb Edney was nice enough to let me creep around her lake house yesterday.  This is one thing I absolutely love about the lakes here in Minnesota: the old lake cabins.

When Deb and her husband Jim bought this house on Lake Miltona (mill-tone-ah) it was boarded up and was in need of some serious renovations.  They restored the existing house and added on an addition which includes: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a laundry room, a den, and what they call the chimney room. I dare you to find where the addition starts and the old house ends.  Spoiler alert. You won’t be able to.

 This is how you approach the house from the road.  All of the stone planters and birdbath are original to the property.  See the window next to the door with the window box?  That’s where the old house used to end.  See, I told you the addition was undetectable.

 This is the view of the house from the lakeshore.  See those two windows on the left?  Addition.  Just blew your mind again didn’t I?

When you enter the house through the door facing the street, you walk onto the screen porch.  I recently sat on this porch with my MIL and SIL #1 and drank copious amounts of wine.  Might be the perfect summer lake activity.

 From the screen porch you enter the kitchen.  This is the original kitchen and this lil island is where the main sink used to be.

How cute are these chairs?! She matched the paint from the original cabinets for these.  The little window valence thing is original to the house as well.  
That white door is the door from the screen porch into the kitchen.  See the island?  That’s where the kitchen used to end.  The kitchen beyond the island was originally the bedroom.  
 Here is the former master bedroom/ brand new kitchen.  Deb matched the new cabinets to the old ones and added a cute window seat.
 Here is a shot of the original cabinet design. 
 How awesome is this stove?!  well I’m about to blow your brain again: its brand new.  That top door hides the control panel.  HOW COOL IS THAT?! It’s a genius idea: the look of old without the possible problems that cooking with an antique stove could bring.

From the kitchen  you walk into a little hallway, to the right is where the bathroom used to be.  It now houses the pantry.

See the dark spots on the floor? that’s where the tub used to be.  See the wood floor beyond that?  Thats where the new addition starts.  But first let me show you the rest of the original house.

This is the original living room.  Beyond the fireplace is the chimney room aka addition. To the left is the front porch.
 To the left is the lake.  How cool is the fan?
This is the chimney room. 
Now lets move back to that little pantry.  If you keep walking through to the new addition this is what you’d see to the left.

That blue window was originally an exterior window.  Deb is a smarty and put mirrors where the glass should be.  Genius.  The door at the end of the hall is their Master bedroom.
Here is the awesome laundry room which contains a bath tub sized sink.
The sign above the window may be the best thing I’ve ever seen.
 This is the main floor bathroom which contains the original tub.  She bought old medicine cabinets and put them in all the ‘new’ bathrooms. 
 The lights are all antiques too.

 Cool right?
The old original house used to sit on a 4 ft crawl space.  So Deb and Jim added a full sized basement.  Downstairs there are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.  I’ll show you my favorite room: the girlie room 
This is the view from the door.  Love those old rod iron beds. The light fixture is baby pink glass but you can’t really tell in this pic. 
 Here’s a view from the other side of the room.
This is the downstairs bathroom.  Its a little smaller so I didn’t get a super good pic.  Notice the antique medicine cabinet.  She’s a smart cookie that Deb.

So that’s Deb and Jim Edney’s awesome lake house.  I wish I could have shown you every room in the house but you’d be reading for hours and hours.  Plus you’d be super jealous that I get to go over to their little cabin and drink wine and creep around.

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