House Stalking: Golberg Guest Suite

There are some bombass cabins/houses here in lake country so I’m starting a little series to show you how awesome they are. 

First up: My in-laws new guest suite. 

This is what the room used to be:

Yep. It used to be a hot tub room.  I’m not gonna lie, I miss it.  Husband and I used to cook in the hot tub and watch movies.  But now it looks like this.

This is the new addition part of the guest suite (still a few things to do like put in the switch plates and the vent covers)

Through the blue doors is the existing guest room.

This is where the hot tub used to sit, right in front of the fire place.  The bathroom is through the door to the left and the living room is through the glass doors. 

 View from the french doors leading outside into the guest room. The beam on the ceiling marks where the new addition begins and the old hot tub room ends.
And from the guest room into the sitting area.  (obvs the trim still needs to be put up but you get the picture)

 Here is a terrible rendition of the floor plan of the guest suite.  The theory behind this renovation is to create another ‘master’ on the main floor.  So when my in-laws get to the point where they can’t make it up the steps, they will turn the sitting room section into their bedroom and the existing guest room into their closet/dressing room.  Cool huh?!
Coming up this week: pics from our vow renewal, some more house stalking, and more from life on the lake.  

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