House Stalking in Boston

Hubs and I escaped the city last weekend and took a trip to Boston.
What a freaking beautiful place.
The leaves were beautiful, the college campuses were beautiful, but mostly the houses were beautiful.
60% of all the pictures I took over the weekend are of houses.
No joke.
I have 2 pictures of Husband and I together.
Clearly my priorities lie with architecture.
The most beautiful of the homes I saw were on Cambridge Street.
We walked from our friends’ apartment to Harvard Yard on this street.
I would have given my left foot to go inside these 3 colorful homes.
There was a yellow one too (you can kinda see it on the right) but stupid cars kept me from getting a good picture of it.
This example of awesomeness was right on the edge of Harvard’s campus.
Those windows… I die.
There was a ‘tan’ colored theme in these houses.
I much preferred the colors of the first 3 I saw. But the architecture and style of the tan ones was much more elaborate.
These 2 houses were right next to each other.  Getting pics of these was difficult.
I had to dodge construction workers and a small crane to get these.
The things I do to take pictures of strangers homes’ without their knowledge.
I took a pic of this house because the tree to the right of the stairs is growing IN the porch!  How nuts is that?
For all you house stalkers out there: if you ever get to Boston, Cambridge street is where it’s at.
Rachel Golberg

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