I'm Still Here. I Promise.

Sorry dudes.

I’ve had visitors since Feb 25th. 

Over the last 4 years my home has become the spring break destination for my siblings and various other family members.

I like to think that I am so super cool that my younger siblings just can’t freakin wait to come and hang out with their totally awesome big sis.

Husband thinks its the 80 degree weather and the sunshine.

We agree to disagree.

In the middle of  my inlaws leaving and me preparing my house to be a hotel to college kids, we got the carpets upstairs installed. 

My cleaning efforts were totally pointless. 

Exhibit A:

This is my guest bathroom a mere 2 days before my mother in law returned to Houston.  See what no one really explained to me is that getting your floors done is a U-haul box short of moving.  Shit is everywhere.  You find things you forgot you had.  You remember things you were supposed to do.  Like rescue your wedding dress from the garbage bag it currently resides in and get it cleaned and boxed up. 

I’ve been married for 4 years why do you ask?

I patiently waited for the carpet to be installed so I could move all the crap from the bathrooms into the closets and shut the doors and forget all about it for the next 4 years. 

Then they ran short of carpet. 

And it was the carpet for our closet and the stairs.

cut to me throwing a tantrum.  You have to understand how we were living. 

Exhibit B:

My closet was transplanted into our bathroom.  This photo is truly horrifying.  (except Husband and his biceps…..drool)

Exhibit C:

Our bedroom.  Do you think we have enough beds? It took every ounce of self control NOT to pile them all on top of each other and create a “princess and the pea” bed.

 Our instalation guys were the bizzle.  Thank God. They worked their hiney’s to the bone to make sure it got done.  and it did.  and then I threw all the shit from the guest bathroom into our bedroom and fixed up the rest of the house like nothing happened. 

And then I enjoyed spring break as much as my brothers and sister in law.  cuz I lived like a hoarder for a week.  and that deserves a beer.  or 7. 

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  1. Mitzi G. on March 29, 2011 at 9:15 am

    I would have gone bananas!!!