Latest Painting Adventure……

So I decided my mom needed a little color in her life.

I thought painting her living room would be a good Mothers day gift and if I got my siblings to help it would be ohhh sooo wonderful and thoughtful “daughter of the year award” thank you very much…..

You know how everything is all perfect in your head and then EVERY.SINGLE.THING. goes wrong? Welcome to painting my mothers living room….

…put on a seat belt….

…mom, I’m talking to you…..

So Brother #1 was busy taping and taking light switch plate thingys off the wall, I was taping, Brothers #2 and #3 were bored and wanting to help so I set them up to paint the one wall that was taped.

Rollers, where are the rollers? (cuz i’m cheap i brought my rollers from texas cuz Husband has turned me into a budget maniac and bringing them with would save Oh So Much $) Go to the bag…. Husband has taken all the cages off of the rollers before packing them. so they are basically bent sticks with handles **headdesk**

Frantically run to hardware store. buy rollers. return home. pour paint. Brothers #2 and #3 start painting. Incredibly fast I might add.

Then I realize NO DROP CLOTHS. This is not a big deal at my house but my mom is a nervous nelly. So I threaten the lives of my siblings if they drop so much as a dot of paint on my moms floors.

Brother #1’s girlfriend enters with donuts. Donut break! woop! We are all sitting admiring Brother’s #2 and #3’s work and patting ourselves on the back cuz oh ma gah, we are tha best painters eva!

I walk out of the dining room and die. the end.

then I come back to life and have a cuss fest because I realize we just painted 3/4 of the living room WALLS with FLAT ceiling paint. **fail**

Meanwhile we used half of the only gallon of ceiling paint on the walls. I die. again.

Come back to life and frantically start switching roller covers and washing out brushes so we can actually start painting the walls the correct color.

Start painting. Take 2.

Brother #1 starts taping the ceiling.

Husband finally wakes up (he was sicky poo) And takes charge of the ceiling with what little paint is left.

I start to calm down and praise myself for getting my siblings to do an amazing job and not fight or throw paint at each other.

Half way through taping the ceiling Brother #1 says he has no more paint tape. fantastic.

Brother #2 volunteers to go and get tape. that actually is fantastic.

However, Brother #2 is big into cars and comes back with paint tape. but for cars. fantastic. the first kind.

So Brother #1 starts taping the ceiling with car paint tape. and it all falls to the floor. hahaha I know I was laughing with delirium too.

Whatever. I can edge like a badass. No worries. I’ll edge the remaining ceiling squares myself.

Brother #1 starts edging the ceiling squares that are taped. Once again, everything is normal. Then I hear a crash.

Brother #1 is a freakin genious and moves the ladder with his trim tray ON.THE.LADDER.

Paint Everywhere. All siblings on deck!

My life flashes before my eyes because I’m sure that my mom will walk in the door at that very moment and kill me because this day has already been a disaster why not add to it? (don’t worry mom we cleaned it up like pros)

Finally we get everything finished. Squeak by with the ceiling paint. I mean. there are only DROPS left in the can.

So I grew about 50 bazillion grey hairs that day. But I will say I’m so proud of my siblings. My sister did a super job. (she isn’t mentioned in this story because she kept her act together and did an amazeballs job) No one even complained! (except me but come on. I had a right)

So (drumroll please) the finished product!!!!

The walls used to be the same white (or if you’re my mom “gold”) on the fireplace. Also, these pics are crappy. I slept in so missed the good light. you’ll have to deal.

Still have some accessorizing to do on the mantel…

and on the piano.

Next project is the porch. I need a little recovery time though. Maybe next summer.

I’m pushing to replace that lamp in the background. Babysteps.

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  1. Anonymous on June 9, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    that looks really nice. Great job Latka kids.

    Diana (Eryn’s mom)

  2. Anonymous on June 10, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Wow! That sounds like quite the … experience! : ) The end results are just wonderful! Your mom is very pleased!Congratulations to you and your trusty crew! Love from Becky S