Creep Around My House: The Powder Room

My apologies for bailing after my earth-shattering announcement last friday.

I’m sure you’ll forgive me though.  Cuz my house looks like this:

Yes these are cell phone pics.  Packing is the bane of my existence.

Lucky for you guys we’ve also been doing home improvements to get the house ready for sale.

The day after we got back from New York I painted the powder room.

Before shot: very dark for a teeny tiny bathroom.  Please excuse me standing on the toilet.
We took that handicap bar thingy down. Cuz nobody in this house needs assistance getting off the pot.
 Totally blurry pic but i wanted to get a before shot of the frames.
 During.  Shizz everywhere.

Now I don’t know if you saw the light fixture in the first picture but it used to be black.  I spray painted everything that was black in the bathroom before: frames, magazine rack, towel hook, and the light fixture.  But when I went to put the glass shades back on it didn’t look right.  (please see above)

So I went to Lowes and checked out some of the glass shades.  They have a “build your own light fixture section” where you can buy glass shades by themselves.  Doesn’t the new glass look better?

 Finished product.  Final cost for the ‘new’ light fixture: $15.  Boom.
 Walla!  Finished Product!
“new” light fixture above the mirror
The other side.
Newly spray painted frames.
The Rundown:
Paint: Filtered Shade by Valspar (which is a light grey color, these pics make it look weird)
Spray Paint: Rustoleum Matte White
Glass Shades: Mix and Match Vanity Lighting White Frosted with Clear trim
Total cost: $45
Rachel Golberg

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  1. nmandresen on May 9, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Hey Rachel! Congrats on the move! The change of scenery will be fun! Quick question, did u prime or sand anything before you spray painted? Ive wanted to do this but the prepping always scares me away! Ha i’m definitely enjoying all of your pics and fixups. Always gives me hope that I can do the same!