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Holy crap. The computer store I took  my precious Mac to took their sweet ass time updating the operating system and the RAM. It’s been 2 weeks and a lot has happened. Hubs and I went to Houston to visit old friends. We saw both former roomies, Bossman Nate, and some friends from when we […]

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OOTD: Freezing my Buns Off Edition

First of all, please excuse the wonkiness that is going on with this blog. Hubs is converting me to WordPress! I’m only 5 years late to that party. Second of all, in regards to my bed conundrum, apparently not a conundrum for you people. Pewter won by a landslide. And you gave me good reasons to […]

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Anomalies of the North

Fish house colonies form on the lakes as soon as the ice is thick enough.  They remain for months.  Or at least until the annual ice fishing competition in February. Blue Moon is served in mason jars. It snows… And snows…   and snows some more.  And never melts.   And flannel is the uniform […]

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Holy Crap it’s 2013

Well that was fast. 2012 was a complete blur. Not unlike the New Years eve I experienced. My friend J mentioned this black tie event thingy at a fancy museum. Hubs and I jumped at the chance. Dressing up is few and far between these days. New York was a constant dress up party. Minnesota…. […]

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Deep Freeze

If you’re wondering why I’ve been off the grid, it’s simple. Its effing freezing in MN. The Deets: Sweater: Husbands Leggings: Capezio Boots: Sorel This is my first major snow experience in 7 years. Also, since this picture was taken we’ve experienced freezing rain and snow. ‘snowy mix’ is what they call it. ‘death trap’ is what […]

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Last Days in the City

It’s the final countdown. Friday is the day we don’t speak of. You guys, the amount of packing we have done is sad. Approximately, none if you were wondering. Even though we are currently buried in bubble wrap, we are still taking time to do a few last minute things in the city. Last week […]

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Leather Boots and a Lace Skirt

  The Deets: Sweater: Target I think… Button up: J Crew Outlet Skirt: Target Tights: no clue Boots:  JC Penny These poor boots have seen better days. They are so comfy I can’t bear to replace them. The right boot has giant scratches from when I used to wear them on our motorcycle (sniff, I […]

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EBEW: Boots

As I’m sure you all know, I’ve bee looking for any excuse to wear my boots with the fur. Luckily, I was able to wear them during the quickest snow storm ever. And now, Everybody, Everywear has chosen boots as the theme for this month. I may be the luckiest girl in the land. The […]

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Bobby From Boston

While we were in Boston, we figured we’d hit up a few vintage stores. May as well hoard as many clothes as possible before we head back to the Midwest. So we googled. And a store called Bobby From Boston kept coming up in our searches. Rightfully so. This place rocked my socks. Excuse the […]

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A Great Gatsby Halloween

Hubs and I went out last night with some of our friends for Halloween. This is what we wore.  These are cell pics so please excuse everything We went as Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. My hat kept hitting people in the face who were trying to order at the bar. Oh and I wore […]

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