July has been crazy cakes.

Well, June was kind of bonkers too.

Point is my absence is excused.


My family and one of my besties came to visit over the 4th of July.

We did some MAJOR shopping at the boutiques downtown.

Like I kept saying “Somewhere, H is having an aneurysm because he can sense money being spent in large quantities”

But, in my defense, I got some really awesome stuff for the house.

So I have these black ceramic candle sticks I found at a Goodwill in Houston.

I put them out at Halloween.

I saw these urns at an antique store downtown and swiftly purchased 2 of them (the to squattier urns)

The next day I woke up and said ” OMG I need the taller one!  I NEEEEEED it!”

I went back and the lady at the check out said “I wondered why you didn’t grab the 3rd one yesterday”

Honestly, I’m not sure why I left it behind either.

But now it’s mine.


I’m envisioning a pretty vignette of black urns with orange and yellow mums with my black candlesticks with funky candles.

Onto the white!

I have a real weakness for Ironstone.

I saw this huge pitcher in one of my favorite stores and I HAD TO HAVE IT.

Then I saw this baby Ironstone creamer.

I promptly snatched it up too.

That milk glass pitcher was spotted when I went back for the coveted 3rd black urn.


I love to have little arrangements of fresh flowers around the house.

I like the small arrangements the best.

It’s a nice little pick me up when I run into one in the bathroom or on my nightstand.

Flowers are happy.

Thats what all of these beauties are used for.

Displaying obscene amounts of fresh flowers around my house.

Is it a sign of old age when you’d rather hoard vases and flowers than accessories and shoes?

Don’t answer that.

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My Best Friend’s Baby Shower

My friend Rachel has been my friend for 26 years.


you read that correctly.





We are old but not THAT old.

We were back yard neighbors growing up.

She’s having a baby in Oct.

My other Bestie Jeannie and my other other bestie Malinda planned a little shower for Rachel while I was in town.

Jeannie is one of the most talented people I know.

Through secret boards on Pinterest (how awesome are those btw) we planned the shower.

Jeannie whipped up this little inspiration board:

Initially we wanted the party to be outside as you see above.

When the day finally arrived it was just too hot.

But Jeannie has a great house to entertain so the last minute switch went off without a hitch (har dee har har)

Here is the set up:

Jeannie made this awesome banner.  It coordinated with the invites and all the other paper goods.

The table set up.  We had little duckies running through out the theme.

Here is our make shift photo booth.  Malinda had the brilliant idea of layering the tissue paper to look like argyle.  It turned out awesome!

Jeannie made these awesome photo booth props.  They got a lot of use!

Especially this one:

Poop is always funny.

The Mimosa bar was an absolute must. Complete with non alcoholic champagne and wine for the mommy to be.

These are the favors I made.  Complete with little baby boy duckies.

The food table set up was my favorite part.  Jeannie made the little tissue paper flowers and I made the hot air balloons.

Jeannie Malinda and I had a blast planning and setting up the party.  I think everyone had a good time.  But you can be the judge of that:

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Omaha is my Homaha

I was in Omaha last week for the College World Series.

I’ve been going since I was a fetus.

Best sporting event ever.

After all the baseball was over, Hubs and I wanted to hit up some amazing food.

French Bulldog may be my new favorite place in Omaha.

It’s a charcuterie.


I did have to google that word the first time I saw it.

Anyway, this is what I wore:

The Deets:

Dress: Target / Shoes: Aerosoles

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I got bangs a few weeks back.

Holy Hades inferno, Omaha was blazing.

So I had to go bang-less.

Why did I get bangs for the summer?

Because I have the attention span of a gnat.  Ohhh Bangs! Shiny things!

Never mind that I’m going to have a jacked tan line on my face and feel like I’m wearing a fur hat all summer.

Dumbassery right there.


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Dining Room Before and After

Sorry for the radio silence.

I’ve been busy.

I painted 90%of my house.

Including trim and doors.


My body hurts.


So anyway, you guys get to see the fruits of my labor.

I’m so happy to be at a good stopping point.

Also, I’m glad our house isn’t a construction site anymore!

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room After:

Who knew too much sun would eff up my ‘after’ pic?

Also, this is phase one, bare bones, after.

But, I love it.


The Deets:

Wall Paint: Mindful Gray, Sherwin Williams/ Trim Paint: Alabaster, Sherwin Williams / Chairs: Target/ Table: Thrifted

Detail shot of the chairs and proof that this table needs refinishing.

Hold on to your hats, dear readers, there are a lot of before and afters coming your way!

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The Never Ending Trim Project

Do you know what I hate more than painting trim and doors?


Nothing at all.

I mean, the parts that I’ve done look great.

But baaahhhhh it takes FOREVER.

Each door/piece of trim/door jamb needs 5 steps.


degloss/1st coat primer/2nd coat primer/1st coat white paint/2nd coat white paint

Oh, and don’t forget the drying time between all of these.

and the nooks and crannies in the windows and door jambs


Word to the wise: If you think you’ll paint all your trim yourself, be prepared to hate every inch of your house until it’s done.

If you need me I’ll be painting trim.

(for the rest of my life)

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The Sectional

It’s finally here!

And it is more amazing than I imagined it would be.

We basically changed everything from our original plan.

These pics are bad.

It’s raining outside and I have to use the panoramic setting on my phone.  The other half of the room is chock full of painting supplies, ladders and boxes.

If you recall, we were originally going to choose a more ‘grey’ upholstry. When we held it up to our paint color, it was way too dark.

This color is called ‘Mouse’ (which is the absolute worst name for a fabric ever) and it has a slight tweed-y (it’s a word) texture.

We were also going to do either an upholstered base or a skirted base.

We ended up going with the wood base.

I can’t remember why we decided against the others, but I love the wood base!

The only thing we kept the same was the shape and the style of the arms.

Oh, and the pillows.

I wish I could have 40 of these pillows.  They are my absolute fave.

The color in these pics is kind of messed up. These are straight up navy blue.

The other pillows on the couch match the couch fabric and the 2 other patterned ones were ours to begin with.  I think they all work pretty nicely together.

I promise I’ll take better pictures when this room is done.  But I couldn’t let bad pics keep me from bragging on my new couch!

Also, because you are all such lucky ducks, you get a little sneak peek of the paint we chose for this room (which looks way darker than it actually is in person.)

You spoiled readers, you.


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Something Small

I was going to show you our new sectional today.

However, because I’m still in the throws of painting trim and doors, it’s kind of a mess in the living room.

So, you get to see a baby update today.

baby as in small not as in a child.

The light in our entryway was hideous.


This is from the upstairs hallway but the light is the same.

Hubs took it down so fast I couldn’t get a before shot.

And now for the After:

Cute right?

I found it at Target of all places.

But it was a plug in pendant (which, why would you do that?) So hubs had to rewire it.

I love that he is an engineer sometimes. (basically, only when it benefits me)

And, for extra cuteness, I put an Edison bulb in the fixture!

This super awesome detail, that no one but me will notice ,was absolutely worth the $7 price tag on that bulb.

This is the mantra I’ve been repeating to H.

He’ll believe it if I say it enough.


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Master Bedroom Progress

I have been the busiest bee there is.

I am a painting fool.

You may recall that we moved the door in our master bedroom.

To do that we had to move our bed into the corner of the room while the mudders and the texturizer people were here.

Because we are bonkers, Hubs and I thought “the bed is already moved, let’s paint the walls!’ ‘squee!’

Because we have a couch coming on thursday and the basement needs to be painted, thats why NOT to do that.

We did it anyway.

It’s not completely done yet but it’s close.

Here is the before shot.  The door is open but you can see where it used to be.

and one more before

And now for some fab afters!

And just for a little perspective:

The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams “Sea Salt”.

And, yes, I’ve only painted 2 walls and only half the trim.  I just wanted to move my bed back and have actual nightstands.

I never realized how much I NEEDED night stands until I didn’t have them.

And I’m kind of obsessed with these.

I’ll do a complete rundown of where I got what when the room is complete (hopefully next week but, meh, ya never know)

Now you must excuse me, I have 24,487 more doors to paint.


What do you guys think? Does the door move work?  I think so, but I’d love to hear what you guys have to say!



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Construction: The Dining Room

I have some more construction pics for you guys.

We walled up the dining room half wall.

You guys.

It looks like it should have always been this way.


I can go to sleep at 10 and not hear Hubs and his brother laughing/yelling/talking at the TV

This is a Before shot from the listing.

This isn’t quite an after, but you can see that it looks less like bars on a cell. I feel like the banister upstairs looks so much more intentional.

Another Before shot

here’s another ‘sort of’ after pic

I can’t wait to get the taping, mudding, and texturing done so I can PAINT!!

Tomorrow I’ll show you guys what the former wood burning stove area looks like now.

Happy Hump Day!


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Construction: Master Bedroom Door

As I mentioned yesterday, there has been some serious work going on around here.

Basically, I got sick and tired of sleeping without a nightstand.

Remember how our bedroom looked before?

See where the words “move door” are?  That’s where our bed is.

I know it looks counterintuitive, but trust me when I say that’s the only wall it could fit on.

Our king sized bed fit there, but nothing else did. (please see my diatribe about nightstands above)

So we decided to move the door to the other wall as illustrated above.


The first cut.  Hubs had to move a few outlets to accomodate the double door.

The hole in the wall is where the old door used to be (obvs).  Our friend, T the contractor, finishing up the new, double door.

Starting to look normal again.

Ohhhh yeah! Look at that beautiful french door!  woot! (please excuse our messy room. The closet is proving challenging)

Obviously, it isn’t completely done yet.  But it will be by the end of this week!

Then all I have to do is paint the door.

And the trim.

And the walls.

Now that I think about it, maybe next week is more realistic :)

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