Conversion Complete

Sorry I’ve been MIA.

I’ve been packing.



Also, Husband has been putting the finishing touches on the new site.

FIrst: If you follow me via Bloglovin or GFC you’ll soon be losing updates.  My blog is now a .com so you’ll have to follow me on Bloglovin via this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin GFC people, you’ll have to find a new place to follow all together because Google is a selfish beeotch and only allows GFC on .blogspot blogs.

Second: I have a brand spankin new button for you to grab!  See it? Over there on the sidebar? Cute right? Take it with you, replace my old and not as cute one.

Third:  I created a ‘House Tours’ link at the top of the page.  This house will be our 3rd residence since I started this blog.  All 3 of the spaces can be perused from that link.  SO MUCH EASIER!

Well I think that’s it for now.

Thanks for being patient during the switch over to WordPress.

It was a huge pain but I’m so glad I decided to do it.

I’m off to pack more boxes.

Toodles Poodles!

P.S. I HATE posting without a picture so here you go:

Husband’s grandma on her 90th Birthday.  Obviously, she’s amazing.

2013-02-21 21.12.32





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Insta Friday: Houston Edition

2013-02-24 09.01.16

We went to Houston to visit some of our friends.

OMG it was amazing to get out of the snow and cold.

This is a pic from the tiny plane we took to TX.

We were still flying over MN.


2013-02-26 12.37.08

While in Houston, H and I got to go to some of our favorite restaurants.

Mia Bella was always a favorite of ours.

That plate of oil and balsamic vinegar in front of me is all we really need.

The entres in this place are fab, but the bread and oil are amazing.

2013-02-26 17.28.28

3 words: Only in Texas

2013-02-28 20.40.26

How many engineers does it take to figure out a child’s toy vacuum? (a dyson no less)

2013-03-01 09.46.50

Everyone needs these nails.

They are the Essie stick on gel nail thingys.

I can’t remember the exact name.

They are $10 at Target/walgreens/cvs.


2013-03-02 17.49.39

2013-03-02 16.24.40-2

2 more pics from the plane.

These are from when we were flying home.

See how small our town looks from the air?

It doesn’t look much larger from the ground.

life rearranged


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House Plans: 2nd and Lower Levels, Phase 1

What do you think of the new digs?

Nice right?!

Hubs worked super hard on this transition.

The sidebar and a few other things need a bit of tweaking still.

Poke around, check it out.


Ok, I have the rest of the plans for you.

Let’s start upstairs.

2nd floor phase 1


First, We need to move the door in our Master.

Believe it or not our king sized headboard doesn’t fit on any wall besides the window wall.

So we’re moving the door and making it a double door.  We’ll also have the doors open out into the living room rather than into the Master.

It’s small!  We don’t want to allow for more doors opening into the space.

Next, the living room upstairs.


We have gone back and forth on what to do in this room.

I think we settled on a Library type space.

We’ll build in bookcases and window seats.

That’s as far as that plan has gone.


Lower level phase 1

Downstairs, there’s a little more work.

And it’s immediate.

That wood burning stove is in the way.

Our sectional will go in the back left corner (because that’s really the only place to put it)

And the stove and the step it sits on need to go.

Don’t worry!  We’ll be adding a whole built in with a fireplace on the other side of the room (hopefully soon but probably not)

Fireplaces are not luxuries in Minnesota (at least for me) they are essential.


So that’s the plan for the other levels of the house. (check out the Main Level here)

I’ll give you a peek at the sectional we’re buying sometime next week!

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House Plans: Main Level, Phase 1

We close 2 weeks from today!


(that would be me screaming with excitement while throwing shit into boxes)

We have approxamately 359,058 plans for this house.

I’m gonna try my best to give you a peek at our ‘phase 1’ plans.

There will be a ‘phase 2’ that will basically be us doing an overhaul of the bathrooms and the kitchen.

2 things that will be happening throughout the whole house: All trim and walls will be painted.

(Here’s a reminder of what the floor plan looks like)


This is a listing photo so it’s a little crappy.

This tile runs into part of the dining room.  I want to switch the tile and run it into the kitchen and make the entire dining room hardwood.

There is an entry closet in this space that I’m going to turn into a little bench with cubbies like this:

Source: viaRachel on Pinterest

The Kitchen:

You can see how the tile extends into part of the dining room in this pic.  Don’t ask me what the thought process was behind that.

Eventually, we’ll replace the countertops, the backsplash and switch the fridge and the pantry.

This is my inspiration pic for the kitchen:

Source: viaRachel on Pinterest

This is the EXACT tile I want for the kitchen and entry, laid in this exact pattern.

The layout is how I’d like to change ours (specifically switching the pantry and fridge)

I want black counters but instead of penny backsplash, I want subway tile.


The Dining Room:

See how the other half of the dining room has wood floors?

So random.

I really want to carry the wood all the way to the wall by the stairs.

I’d also like them to be DARK wood floors.

We get a lot of mixed feelings about walling up the little space between the dining room and the lower level.

My main reason: noise control.

This house is sooooo open.

I’d like to go to bed if I want to and not have to hear H and his buddies hooting and hollering at the TV.

Also, EVENTUALLY, we’ll have kids, and I will murder anyone that disturbs their sleep.

Andplusalso, all of those spindles kind of remind me of jail.

Here are some of my inspiration pics for the dining room:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: viaRachel on Pinterest

Source: viaRachel on Pinterest

Tomorrow I’ll bore you with the details of the other floors.

I can’t wait to take you guys on a tour when we move it!

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Coolest Shower Gift Ever

Apparently, nobody got my hilarious joke yesterday.  NO BABIES.  Only the ones our friends let us hold so they can take a break.  Bueno?  Also, the comments are not disabled on purpose, The WordPress transition is kind of effing stuff up.  Should be done by the end of the week though!I stole this idea from here.

Our friends got married in Mexico.

We couldn’t go.

We attended the ‘rehearsal’ dinner (it was more like an excuse to get together before Mexico)

I wanted to get our friends a gift since we weren’t going to Mexico.

This idea was perfect.

Booze is a great gift.

But you want to package it like it’s a present.

Bringing a handle to a shower or a rehearsal dinner is generally frowned upon.

The original project has little poems to put on the bottles.

I’m a sarcastic person so I figured our friends would laugh in my face at the sight of poems.  (especially poems on booze)

I chose ‘Big House Red’ for when they move into their new house (which they are building in just a few months!)

I got ‘Monogamy’ Chardonnay to open after their first fight as a married couple.  I was shocked I was able to find such cute wine to go with each event.

I chose ‘Tizdale’ Shiraz solely for the bottle.  I just thought it was cute.  This bottle is to open on their daughter’s first birthday (in July)

‘Astoria’ Sparkling wine was chosen for the bottle as well.  I wanted a cute bottle of champagne for their first anniversary.

I found the basket and the tulle at Joann’s.  The tags and ribbon on the bottles are from Target.

I tried to keep kind of a tropical/Mexico feel with the colors.

I think it worked.

Pretty cute, huh?


(Pssst… I’m linking up here and here)

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Holy crap.

The computer store I took  my precious Mac to took their sweet ass time updating the operating system and the RAM.

It’s been 2 weeks and a lot has happened.

Hubs and I went to Houston to visit old friends.

We saw both former roomies, Bossman Nate, and some friends from when we first moved to Houston.

It was a blast.

Unfortunately, I was so distracted by the steaming 60 degree weather that I only took one outfit pic.

The Deets:

Blazer:  Target

Top:  J Crew

 Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Bag:  Coach Outlet

Necklace: Village Scandal NYC

Some of our friends have a newish baby.

Husband was attached to this child.


ovaries exploding photo: exploding ovaries tumblr_ln0vy9035X1qaxrev.gif

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InstaFriday: Ice Fishing Tournament Edition

There is an ice fishing tournament in this town every year.

It’s a big effing deal.

Lots of prizes.

We decided to take baby Sheldon to go see our friends participating.

He LOVES going ice fishing.

Mostly because there are a lot of other doggy friends there.

Not this time.

Just 4000 fishermen.

(this town’s population is around 11,000, just to give you an idea)

This is my in laws lake shore.  The ice starts to build up like waves for some reason around this time of year.

See the tournament in the distance?  It starts not far from the shore.  They section off a perfect square, so this is only one side and half of another that you can see here.

This is a closer shot on one of the corners.

People everywhere. It was cold.

No fish houses allowed.

Apparently, people cheat.

Prizes are a big deal, yo.

And because there are no fish houses, and this tournament lasts for hours, you need to bring your own seat.  Which to 90% of these guys is a bucket.

The entire day, all I could think of was Grumpy Old Men.

life rearranged

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OOTD: Freezing my Buns Off Edition

First of all, please excuse the wonkiness that is going on with this blog.

Hubs is converting me to WordPress!

I’m only 5 years late to that party.

Second of all, in regards to my bed conundrum, apparently not a conundrum for you people.

Pewter won by a landslide.

And you gave me good reasons to choose it.

So I am.

And now, here are pictures of me in a cute outfit freezing my buns off.

The Deets:
Sweater: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Shoes: H&M
Faux Fur Coat: Nine West from Herbergers (remember when I was dying for it a few weeks ago?  My MIL got it for me for my birthday.  She’s a gem)

I wanted to wear my patterned tights with this dress to break up the sea of black.  I can’t find them anywhere.

I last saw them over Christmas in Omaha.

Baby sister I’m looking at you!  If you have those tights hand them over!

This is the first time I’ve worn heels outside in a long time.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I needed to feel like a girl.

Snow be damned I will look like a lady!

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Praline or Pewter

I’m on a furniture hunting spree.

It’s serious.

(the cool stuff I found is in last weeks Instafriday post)

In the meantime, help me make a decision.

I found this North Avenue King Upholstered Bed on Amazon and I effing love it.  (shockingly, so does hubs)

We can’t decide on a color.



or Pewter?

Reasons I like the Praline:

  • I’m thinking of painting the bedroom a shade of grey, if I get the Pewter that leaves me stumped on the paint.
  • It feels a little more cottage-y
Reasons I like the Pewter:
  • I like the color better in general
  • I think it will go better with our existing bedding
What says the internets?
Praline or Pewter?


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Since getting an iphone my poor DSLR has been collecting dust.

Just a tip, if you have an iphone, do yourself a favor and download the camera+ app.

It costs $.99.

It will change your ever loving life.

On to Insta pics!

I’ve been wanting to get Hubs a ‘gentlemans chest’.  Just a place for him to store his 4209 different ties and his 329 different watches.  H tends to wait until the morning to pick out his accessories.   And that is generally what wakes me up.  This little nugget will be stored OUTSIDE our bedroom (but still near to it) so I can sleep peacefully while he rummages through his shiz.
Oh it was also $150 marked down from $500.  #winning

I tried REALLY hard to get H to agree to buy this.  I dreamt of storing our quilts inside like this:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest
But unlike the chest I bought above, this little beauty was $600. Not happening.

Also, can someone please tell me why I’ve waited so long to buy a Dyson?  We used to have 3 cats along with our 2 dogs (as well as a mama basset and 6 puppies, if you recall) And I am officially an idiot.

I also got this on super duper sale $299 with free shipping and 2 extra attachements.  #winningx2

Oh how I’ve missed NYC.

Like longing for subway sounds and desperate for 24 hour delivery.

I use this mug almost every day. Sad panda.

We’ve been getting some pretty amazing sunsets.

This weekend this lake will be flooded with men on buckets.

See, there is an ice fishing tournament this weekend.

No fish houses allowed.

Because people have actually snuck in fish to try and win this thing.

So the guys sit on buckets in front of their fish holes.

Crazy Minnesotans.

P.S. follow me on the Instagrams (MarriagebyDesign)

Tootles Poodles! life rearranged

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